Corporate litigation and formation of business entities

If you have an idea for a new business or need to restructure your existing business, the experienced attorneys at Johnson Cook Abbott Ahrens & Shiffman PLLC can assist you.  There are various reasons to form a business and we can help you to determine what type of entity best suits your needs.  Whether it is a Limited Liability Company (LLC), partnership or corporation, we can help you with the formation and ongoing operations of your business.

Additionally and frequently, in the course of owning and operating an LLC, partnership or corporation, you may need legal advice.  Often, failure to have attorney involvement on an ongoing basis to ensure that the requisite legal requirements of your business are met (including, but not limited to notice of meetings, appropriate record keeping, voting requirements, etc.) can lead to corporate litigation.  Corporate litigation is often preventable, but once initiated, is frequently complex and involves many different aspects including, but not limited to shareholder disputes, contract disputes, buy-sell agreements, enforcement of contracts by officers and disputes amongst the board of directors, etc.  If you find yourself involved in corporation litigation, contact the attorneys at Johnson Cook Abbott & Ahrens, PLLC.  Our attorneys are experienced in corporate litigation and can help you to resolve these complex matters in the manner most favorable to your business.