Dependency, neglect & abuse / child protective services

All too often, good parents are reported to CPS for alleged neglect and/or abuse of their children.  If you receive a call from CPS that they are investigating you, do not wait to contact an attorney.  It is extremely important to have representation from the beginning.  CPS involvement could result in a substantiated report of abuse or neglect; a finding that may prohibit you from ever working with children or in the school system and even prevent you from going on field trips with your children.  CPS involvement could also result in the filing of a Petition in Court alleging that your child is dependent, neglected or abused.  During this court case, your child could be removed from your home and placed in the state’s custody (i.e. foster care or a home) or with a relative placement.   In the end, you could be asked to admit to abusing or neglecting your child or face a trial to make a determination of whether there was abuse or neglect.  In some instances, CPS cases can also lead to termination of your parental rights.  The attorneys at Johnson Cook Abbott & Ahrens, PLLC are experienced with CPS and with Dependency, Neglect and Abuse cases.  Let us help see you through this scary and overwhelming process.  Call us to set up an appointment with one of our experienced attorneys.